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About article
Directions of improvement of regional policy of state in modern environment

Associate prof., Dr. Heydar Sardar Hasanov, Management department in Azerbaijan State University of Economics

Abstract. The main aims of the research work are to define directions of the improvement of government’s regional policy and to investigate development problems of depressive and outlying districts on the base of the organization of clusters. In the research work there have been used scientific-research methods like as scientific abstraction and complex analysis, the monitoring, experts’ evaluation, program-aimed, systematic, the logical generalization, historical approach. Results of the research work. As a result of the scientific work there have been systematized and generalized following problems: the statement of the government as a community of systems on economical relations, which guarantee economical purpose of the activity of structures, occupied with the economy, developed as a regional economical area in the regional economical policy; the existence of the sustainable territorial labor division between these systems; their characterization by the regional economical inter areal contradiction, the variety of state regulation objects of the economy in the region and their main directions; the restoration of depressive and outlying districts. Restrictions of the research. It consists of the practical information demands on specific regions. The practical importance of the research consists of the enrichment of investigations, which are held on the fields of the effective development and implementation of government’s regional policy, its management and regulation. The originality and the scientific innovation of the research are that there have been held the practical analysis by the using of scientific investigations of different organizations in regions, and presented recommendations to develop government’s regional policy by new principles.

free competition, scientific approach, firm.

JEL Classification Codes:
R11; R58

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