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About article
Fur sales in Greece

Pouliopoulos Leonidas, PhD Lecturer, Technological Institute Western Macedonia, Kozani, Greece, Pouliopoulos Theofilos, MBA Ternopil National Economic University, Ukraine

Abstract. In this paper is presented a brief report of the evolution of fur trade through the ages. We mention the reasons that led to the creation of the legend for the fur makers of Kastoria and Siatista. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emerge of new markets for furs, we analyze the efforts western Macedonian furriers made to implement new ways to dispose furs, similar with the auctions in Denmark, Finland, North America etc. In the conclusions part, we present our proposals on how furriers can sell finished and semi-finished furs in the best and most efficient way.

Keywords: Fur, system of codes, furrier, Kastoria/Siatista, semi-finished product, final product.

JEL Classification Codes: L 67

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