Volume 71, #2

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About article
Competitive environment is the main factor for integration into the world economy

Adalat Jalal Muradov, Prof. Dr. Rector of Azerbaijan State University of Economics Nazim Ozbey Hajiyev, Associate professor, Dr., MBA director, Azerbaijan State University of Economics

Abstract. Historical dynamics of a competition and monopoly are analysed in logic order from the theoretical point of view in this article. It is necessary to note, that comparison of dynamics of a competition and monopoly was various under various historical conditions. From this point of view, an opportunity to reveal periodical objective laws the important condition during research of process of historical changes of attitudes of a competition and monopoly. These objective laws have not been investigated in the economic literature.

Key words: competition, monopoly, local markets, market structure, economic development.

JEL Classification Codes: D41; 42;43

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